Gander Brook has always depended on volunteers to help us in ministry to our youth. If you’re interested in volunteering, there are a number of ways you could help.

Work and Worship Week

Work and Worship Week (WWW) happens every year the week before our summer camping season for the children begins. This is a week of family camping in which we get camp ready for the season. All sort of skills and levels of talents are needed and used: grass mowing, plumbing, cleaning, raking, screen fixing, carpentry, electrical, and so much more. Come for a day, come for the whole week. The cost is only what  your own grocery bill might be for the time you’re here. June 22-28 are the dates for 2019. Children under 18 must be strictly supervised (we don’t anyone getting hurt or into mischief). Make plans to join us at the beginning of next season (Lord willing). Click on our WWW link for more information. Nathaniel Hios is in overseeing WWW; his number is (501) 593-7363‬.

Bible Class Teaching

This is one of the most important volunteer areas. Gander Brook is associated with the churches of Christ and so we require that all of our Bible class teachers be faithful members of a church of Christ. We generally use no more than 4 teachers per week, and we provide the material to be taught. We use either men or women for younger classes, but only men for older campers. Each teacher can expect to teach a couple of hours in Monday through Friday, but their duties don’t stop there. On Monday nights they’re asked to help oversee the cabin areas, while the counselors gather for a short period of fellowship. Thursday evening they’re also asked to sweep and mop the kitchen area. and The teacher should make every effort to be present for the period promised. Lastly, they should be ready to be available for anything else needed of them, because Gander Brook is a team effort. John Repecko is our head of the Bible classes, (603) 513-9459.

Canteen and Laundry

The counselors and campers who stay more than a week can have their laundry done for them by these volunteers. Their laundry duties also include doing quite a bit of laundry for the kitchen staff, who often use a number of towels and other cloths in their cooking work. Obviously there will be many loads and most of the laundry will be hung on clothes lines. In the mid-afternoon you’ll also be asked to work in the canteen, handing our soda and other snacks (per the instructions of our director) to our active campers. Occasionally, you’ll even be asked to open canteen in the evening for special reasons. These positions are open to faithful members of the churches of Christ. Rob Bissonette is currently in charge of these volunteers. His phone number is (978) 632-0099.


We don’t usually have too many serious injuries or illnesses at Gander Brook, mostly sprained ankles; but many children are on medications of various sorts. The nurse at Gander Brook needs to have his/her RN degree and licensing. We prefer that this position be filled by faithful members of the churches of Christ, though sometimes because of necessity, we’ll fill this position with others. Julie Baither is in charge of scheduling nurses for the camping season; he can be reached at (207) 400-2470.


The kitchen is considerable work. Starting early in the morning, Saturday through Saturday, the kitchen staff feeds from 60 to 150 children and adults three nutritious meals each day, keeping health and safety state requirements and standards for food preparations. The kitchen staff are housed in their own cabin, so that they can get undisturbed rest each night in anticipation of the next day’s work. Each Friday evening is cooks’ evening off, while the camp does a cook-out.  Charlie Harrison is our head of the kitchen, (207) 522-3751.

Merit Badge

This volunteer position would include working with campers daily regarding a special skill that you can teach. Not only would there be teaching times, but evaluations, and preparation for each teaching opportunity. Joe McGrail ((603) 345-2677) organizes our merit badge volunteers.


There is also occasional need for maintenance work around the camp grounds. This volunteer position could include everything from grass mowing, painting, light carpentry, plumbing, and repair work. Since this is occasional and dependent on circumstances, need for such could be scheduled through contacting the camp office.