Telephone Policy

Gander Brook is a camp where electronics are not allowed. How do I communicate with my children during the summer?


The best way to communicate with your kids while their at camp is through the mail. They love hearing their name at mail call and receiving a letter is an encouraging way to keep in touch with mom, dad and friends while they are also growing in their independence. Two or three letters at most per week is more than enough.


We ask that you use the phone for BUSINESS only. Campers are not allowed to place or receive calls. The one exception: kids are allowed to receive a phone call from parents on their birthday. This encourages the campers to be self-reliant in their decision-making and gives them a sense of pride in standing on their own. We’ll certainly call you if a problem arises. Please remember that we do have 24-hour on-call coverage.

Cell Phones

We ask that your children do not bring a cell phone to camp. If you send a cell phone with them for their travel, we will keep it in the safe in the office for the duration of the session and return it upon departure. Camp will not be able to recharge cell phones.