Rules & Policies

In keeping with the Christian purpose of Gander Brook, campers and staff alike are expected to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner to exhibit lives of faith, hope, love, and purity. Camp rules reflect this expectation.

Smoking, drugs, and alocoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

Violations will result in dismissal without refund of camper fees.

Gander Brook Camping session is a time for all of us to take a break from the routines of life and to focus our energies towards the programs, activities and the learning more about our Lord, therefore …

Electronic devices such as, but not limited to, mobile phones, digital media players, iPods, iPads, gaming devices, laptops and the like are not allowed.

Noncompliance will result in item(s) being stored in the Director’s cabin until departure.

Boys and girls should wear shorts with a six-inch seam or longer that do not expose their under garments. Shirts should cover their torso and shoulders.

If questionable, the judgment of modest dress will be decided by the Camp Director.

Other rules apply to safety and environmental concerns. A complete listing of the Gander Brook Christian Camp Rules, and Principles Regarding Clothing will be mailed upon receipt of the camper’s registration form.