Renovating the Dorm

The dorm

We all love Gander Brook. There’s no place better in the summer than to be among fellow Christians in the midst of God’s great, natural creation in Maine. It won me over in 1974, and I’ve never gotten over it. I know you feel the same way, too.

But one of our great old buildings, the dorm, is in need of some major renovation. A few month ago you might remember the board saying that we wanted to replace it; but after discovering all the upgrades that the state of Maine would require, and how much it would cost, we’ve decided to do a major renovation, instead. In a nutshell, we plan on giving the old dorm a proper basement, new sills and floor joists, an improved internal layout, modern rewiring, modern shower facilities, insulation, and heat in the winter. It will look the same from the outside, but it will be capable of hosting Christian gatherings year ‘round.

The cost of this dorm renovation will be about $450,000. Already we’ve raised about $225,000 in matching grants, but of course, to actually receive these funds, we have to raise another $225,000. This is a big challenge; but we’re confident that through your help—Gander Brook’s many friends, both in New England and out—we can raise the money to keep an old familiar friend serving families, workers, and churches for years to come.

Would you please partner us to extend Gander Brook’s seasons of service to the youth and churches of New England ? Would you be willing to make a one time contribution? Or make a monthly pledge from now through December 2019?


  • You can donate whatever you would like to contribute toward this winterized building—generosity is appreciated!
    • Online donations through PayPal are possible below
    • checks can be sent to Gander Brook Christian Camp, 27 Ganderbrook Lane, Raymond ME 04071
    • or pledges can be made for a monthly contribution from now through Dec. 31, 2019. A brochure with attached pledge card is here.
  • You can spread the word to former Gander Brookers that we don’t have addresses for through mail, email, Facebook, or whatever other social media you’re plugged into. A brochure with attached pledge card is here.
  • Perhaps your congregation would like to make a contribution toward this important New England project.