Replacing the Dorm

Concept of Gander Brook Retreat House
Concept drawing of Gander Brook Retreat House

Gander Brook Christian Camp has been a major New England hub for ministry to our youth and fellowship among the churches of Christ for over 50 years, and the Gander Brook dorm has served the camp that entire time. It has housed summer camping staff of all varieties and countless spring and fall retreaters. For many of us, it is full of great memories: small group hymn singing, spiritual conversations, close friendships, and of course a few pranks.

But despite the many memories, the old dorm has seen much better days and the board has determined that yearly repairs and their costs are becoming futile. We are spending money on a mission-critical facility that, despite our best efforts, is sinking further and further into decay. Sadly, it just needs to be replaced.

Replacement, however, provides new opportunities to our youth, to New England churches, and to church leadership—an insulated, heated, facility that can be used year ‘round! Imagine congregational retreats in late October, youth weekends January, deeper Bible study classes in February, or leadership classes in March! Imagine Gander Brook’s hiking trails turned into cross country skiing trails or snow shoe paths—or even our waterfront turned into a skating area.

After considerable research we’ve determined that we can replace our old dorm for about $450, 000. Through the providence of God and the generosity of others, we’ve already found donors willing to to contribute a combined $150,000. But now we need your help to raise the remainder. $300,000 may sound like a lot of money—and it is; but with the Lord’s blessing and your help, it is very attainable.

Would you please partner us to extend Gander Brook’s seasons of service to the youth and churches of New England ? Would you be willing to make a one time contribution? Or make a monthly pledge from now through December 2018?


  • You can donate whatever you would like to contribute toward this winterized building—generosity is appreciated!
    • Online donations through PayPal are possible below
    • checks can be sent to Bill Jenczyk, PO Box 1423, Littleton MA 01460
    • or pledges can be made for a monthly contribution from now through Dec. 31, 2018. A brochure with attached pledge card is here.
  • You can spread the word to former Gander Brookers that we don’t have addresses for through mail, email, Facebook, or whatever other social media you’re plugged into. A brochure with attached pledge card is here.
  • Perhaps your congregation would like to make a contribution toward this important New England project.