Registration Information

2021 Camper Registration

  • The best way to register is through our online registration provider “CampDoc.” All information is encrypted and secure. You will receive immediate receipt of your payment and be sure that your child has secured a place in a cabin. Each new year, you will only need to review and update health and registration information.
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Don’t Forget! You must complete online registration and submit each child’s health information online, or mail the completed paper forms at least four days before the child arrives at camp.

Note to parents: All campers can only be released from camp into the custody of a parent, guardian, or other designated person, previously identified in writing by the parent or guardian. The online registration form allows you to enter the name of two trusted individuals that will be authorized to pickup or check-out your camper.

2021 Camping Season:

  • Due to the continued health concerns, the 2021 camp weeks will follow a similar pattern as the previous year.
  • The accepted age range for campers is 10 – 18.
  • There will be 3 two week sessions as outlined below:
    • Session 1:  July 4 – July 17 – $760
    • Session 2:  July 18 – July 31 – $760
    • Session 3:  August 1 – August 12 – $660
  • When all is filled out, get it back in the mail quickly. Early bird discount is $30 off on full payments postmarked by June 1st.
  • Any questions, give us a call at 603-487-3107 before June 26nd and at 207-998-4369 after June 26.
  • A note to our staff members taking advantage of the $30.00 discount. Every year there is confusion about fees and discounts for staff members volunteering at Gander Brook during the summer. Please note the following:
    • The discount is only good for YOUR children. If your child is staying longer than you are volunteering, the discount is good only for the week that you are volunteering at camp. If you have been approved, accepted, and scheduled as a volunteer, please request a discount code from
    • You may only take advantage of TWO discounts; the staff discount and the 2nd family member discount, for example. Or, the early bird and second week discount.
  • Any special requests or concerns can be noted during online registration, or sent in writing to:

Updated October 31, 2020