Gander Brook Offers Two 2-Week Sessions for Summer of 2020

We are happy to announce that the Board of Directors has decided to open Gander Brook for the 2020 season in a modified capacity. As always, our goal at Camp Gander Brook is to create a fun, safe and spiritual environment for our youth. With this year’s health concerns, we’ve been working hard, consulting with camp associations, medical professionals, and the CDC to put together a camping season that can live up to Gander Brook standards.

As part of our modified operations, we will be offering two 2-week sessions of camp. The two-week session requirement as well as a prior 2 week (14 day) self quarantine for all out of state campers, are mandated to us by the state of Maine in order to ensure limited spread of illness both to and from the camp grounds. Additionally, registration will be limited to 36 campers each session. Again, mandated by the state of Maine, gatherings must be limited to no more than 50 individuals: 36 campers & 14 full time staff.

The dates for the sessions are as follows:
Session 1: July 5 – July 18
Session 2: July 19 – August 1

The cost of the 2-week session is the same as two weeks minus two discounts, $730. We have been communicating frequently with our existing campers and parents so that they would have a chance to register before we made our announcement public. Registration opened on June 1st. Session two is full with a waiting list. Session one had three spots available as of 6/8/2020. To register go to:

More information regarding the registration process can be found at Camper Registration