Dorm Fundraising Campaign Progress!

Fantastic News!  We have reached our initial goal of $535,000!  Thank you to all of our Gander Brook Friends!  Your generosity and love have made this possible.
Some of you have been asking what is still needed.  Based on consultation with our financial director, our project manager and our contractor, we feel safe in saying that we only need an additional $40,000 to cover the cost of the sprinkler/security system which was not included in the initial estimation.
Our GoFundMe page will be up and operational until October 1st, so please feel free to use it.  If you prefer, we also accept donations via pay pal, or by check.  More information on these can be found at the dorm donation page.  If all goes well, and our contractor doesn’t get hung up with the town of Raymond, we hope to begin work in September!
Even if you’re unable to contribute financially, please continue to keep this project in your prayers.  Once again, the Gander Brook board is grateful for your part in making this rebuild a possibility.