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Please make checks out to Gander Brook Christian Camp.

Gander Brook Christian Camp
Attn: Scott Delbaugh
36 Oakwood Circle
Milford, NH 03055


(207) 998-4369

Priceless Memories, Life-long Friends
Preserving a regional, brotherhood treasure

For over 60 years, Gander Brook Christian Camp has been a meeting place of faith, fellowship, and fun. Here at camp we come together to share meals, gather for devotionals, renew relationships, play games, find refreshing retreat, hang with friends, have heart to heart talks, share secrets, develop GBRs, and make new friends — for life.

The camp’s needs are many, and we need your help!   The following donation categories are being pursued, though donations for any purpose are always welcome.

Please consider helping us preserve and improve this great, regional, brotherhood treasure by making a donation to Gander Brook Christian Camp today.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Gander Brook Christian Camp!


General Funding

Like any organization, Gander Brook Christian Camp has operational costs that accrue year-round. Whether it’s needed repairs to fix off-season damage, improvements to camp buildings & grounds, replacement of sporting equipment lost or damaged, necessities used to feed and provide for the children during the summer camping season, payment of utilities that provide light and hot water, or emergency needs that often arise.


There are families who would like to send their kids to camp but need help because they have been out of work or just simply cannot afford to send their children. You can make an eternal difference in their lives through a simple donation that can assist them in attending camp for a week. Your gift of any amount ($10, $25, $50 or more) combined with others will send dozens of kids to camp this summer.

Full 2 Week Campership – $760
Half Campership – $380
Assisting Campership – $100+
Partner Campership – $5, $10, $25 or however much you can afford