Gander Brook Policies

Gander Brook Christian Camp Rules
  1. Preserve the beauty of the camp and nature. Do not draw, write or carve on camp buildings, equipment or natural surroundings (trees, etc.). No chewing gum on the camp property. All food and drinks must remain up at the lodge in order not to attract animals or insects to the cabins.
  2. Use wholesome language and healthy habits. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or profane language are not allowed.
  3. Report any sickness or injury to the camp nurse immediately.
  4. Stay on camp property unless permission to leave is first received from the Director.
  5. Ask for permission from the director before using the phone.
  6. Pornographic or suggestive literature is not allowed.
  7. The girls’ cabins area is off-limits to boys, and the boys’ cabins area is off-limits to girls.
  8. Staff cabins, the dorm, and cabins of other campers are off-limits unless permission to visit is first obtained from a member of the staff.
  9. Both boy and girl campers should wear shirts that cover their entire torso. Shorts should have an inseam of at least six inches. Close-toed shoes are required for sports and washing dishes.
  10. Use the steps to walk up and down the banks that surround the lodge.
  11. Participate in the whole camp program.
  12. Campers are to limit physical contact to holding hands.
  13. Leave electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, iPods, and video games, at home. Stand alone cameras are allowed.
  14. Electronic media may be used only for educational purposes.
  15. All plays and skits need to have a “G” rating.

Modified July 2019