Gander Brook’s rules originated to help make the camp a pleasant place to be. Every organization must have rules. Otherwise, chaos reigns and nobody is happy. Please follow the rules and take home pleasant memories about camp. These rules apply to all parties and individuals using the camp grounds, regardless of age, time of year or status unless other wise noted.

Rules of Gander Brook Christian Camp

  1. Do not draw, write or carve on camp buildings, equipment or natural surroundings; it spoils the looks of the camp, and worse. For example, removing the bark from birch trees or carving initials on them will eventually kill them.
  2. No tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or profane and vulgar language.
  3. Sickness or injury must be reported to the camp nurse immediately.
  4. Stay on camp property unless permission to leave is first received from the director. Hiking is permitted off camp property only by permission from the camp director, and only in groups with a responsible leader in charge.
  5. Permission to use the telephone must be obtained from the director.
  6. Pornographic or suggestive literature, posters, etc., are prohibited.
  7. Girls cabin area is off-limits to boys. And boys cabin area as off-limits to girls.
  8. Staff cabins, the dorm, and cabins of other campers are off-limits unless permission to visit has first been obtained from a staff member.
  9. Clothing that exalts a high moral standard is expected. Consequently, shorts must be knee length and neither skin-tight nor loosely open and revealing. Bare-midriff, plunging necklines or other sexually stimulating clothing is prohibited. Closed toed shoes are required for sports and kitchen related service details. Campers enrolled in the camping program must have closed toed shoes, but may wear flip flops or sandals at times.
  10. No chewing gum on camp property. It usually gets stuck in all the wrong places. Food or drinks of any kind are not allowed in the cabins because they attract wild animals.
  11. No running or walking on the slopes of the bank around the lodge. The grass gets beaten down, then rain and snow erode the soil.
  12. All campers are expected to participate in the camp program
  13. Physical contact with members of the opposite sex must be limited to holding hands. This applies to campers and unmarried counselors and staff.
  14. Campers enrolled in the camping program are prohibited from bringing and use there of electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, radios, Walkman™, Discman™, iPod™, Gameboy™, etc., … or the like.
  15. The use of electronic media (i.e. DVDs and video) for the purposes of entertainment is prohibited but strictly for educational purposes.
  16. All plays and skits need to have a “G” rating in keeping with the Scriptures’ high standards (e.g., “Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk, or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving” Eph. 5:4 NIV).

Modified by the Board July 2008