2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately before your child’s arrival at Gander Brook Camp, we ask that campers complete 14 days of self-quarantine to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19. By self-quarantine, we mean limiting exposure to non-family members, wearing a face mask around non-family members, avoiding large crowds/gatherings, and limiting unnecessary travel.

Our new policy during the COVID-19 crisis is to refund your deposit less $4 and your camper fee if the program is cancelled, your camper gets sick, or there is a death in the family.

You can ask to be added to the wait list for either sessions. If someone cancels their reservation, you will be contacted with the opportunity to have a confirmed reservation. You can add your child yourself by registering at app.campdoc.com/register/gander or by contacting the directors@ganderbrook.org.

Although we will take every reasonable precaution to keep campers safe and healthy, parents must understand that there are dangers, hazards and inherent risks to which children may be exposed at any camp, including the risk of serious physical injury and even infection of Covid-19. Our goal and hope is that camp Gander Brook will be the next safest place to being at home.

This summer, given that the governor of Maine has required us to have sessions that last two weeks, we are able to offer a limited number of matching camperships to those with a legitimate need. The terms of these camperships require that parents or relatives pay the first half, and the camperships will pay the remaining half of $730. So that is $365 each. Every year, and especially this year given the current crisis and the additional expenses involved in making camp safe, we need parents to partner with us. Contact the directors@ganderbrook.org to apply.

If everyone self-monitors and self-quarantines like they should before coming, this summer should see very few if any colds, sore throats, or other illnesses. If your child shows any symptoms associated with Covid-19, they will be held in observation while the nurse rules out other possible illnesses. If symptoms persist without a diagnosis of a common sickness, we will call you and ask you to pick up your child. They will be housed in isolation for the couple of hours it might take you to come and get them. We would recommend that they get tested. If they test negative for Covid-19, they will be free to come back to camp once they are fever-free for 24 hours. According to the CDC, young people between 0-18 years of age rarely show any symptoms at all of having Covid-19. And, since they will be at camp for 14 days, they should return home healthy. If anyone in your household is at risk with underlying health conditions, you may want to wait till next year to send your child(ren) to camp.

Campers will eat and sit with their cabins like they do with their families at home. When the whole camp is together for a devotional, they will sit with their cabins and there will be some distance between each cabin. Face masks may be necessary for moments like riding the bus when more than one cabin will be close together in a tight space. Parents should send a face mask with their campers but it won’t be used much. It certainly won’t be used in the cabin, while playing sports and games, eating and more.

Some differences the campers will probably like. For example, assigned volunteers will take care of all cleaning work details such as dining hall, shower house, and chapel and restrooms. These cleaners will be trained and will clean these high-use areas multiple times a day. Other differences include the the 2-week sessions, drop-off and pick-up, and the 36 camper limit. Campers will arrive on a Sunday afternoon and depart on a Saturday morning two weeks later. No “stay-overs” are allowed by the state. When campers arrive, their parents should follow signs to loop around in front of the infirmary for a final health check, drop-off their child(ren) and head straight home. The state requires that out-of-state parents drive straight to camp, drop-off, and straight back home without stopping in Maine. Camp will also be smaller but large enough to get close, make new friends, play great games, build faith, and have lots of fun. For the most part, campers will feel like this is the same ole Gander Brook as always. A slight change will be that with good weather, we will eat outside at picnic tables. A final difference is that the board has decided that children must be at least 10 years old to attend camp this summer.

Our hope is to bring healthy campers and staff to Gander Brook by requiring a 14 day pre-camp quarantine so that camp sessions can be relatively “worry-free” and fun. We will encourage frequent hand-washing and good hygiene. Campers will have direct contact only with the full-time summer staff that will strictly quarantine at camp before it starts.

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