The 2017 Regular Camping Season Comes to an End

Well, the regular camping season has come to an end, and it did so on a real high note. Week 5 enjoyed the baptism of several young people and week 6 also baptized a young man into Christ on the last day of camp. The last week of camp enjoyed a day at the beach, the annual “Run, Swim, Run” competition, a banquet at a local Italian restaurant, and even a trip to the Dugout for ice cream. Every Saturday has lots of hugs and commitments to stay in touch, but the final week of camp is especially full of tearful goodbyes and “See ya next summer” or “See ya at the next youth rally”.

The regular camping season of 2017 was an unqualified success as young people from 8 to 18 were given a practical taste of how Christianity really works, a deeper commitment to follow Jesus daily, and how friendships and relationships help lift us. The young people came home with new godly habits, new songs, new perspectives, new or deepened friendships, a growing confidence in themselves, a deeper faith in God, and some in “newness of life” (Rom. 6:4). I love hearing the stories from parents about how their young people’s lives have changed, how they’ve grown, and how much they’ve learned.

We want to thank so many people for a wonderful summer of “Faith, Fun, and Friendship”:

  • The many who came to Work and Worship Week and made the campus ready for the summer program
  • Our summer directors: Shawn Daggett and James Clark
  • Our summer assistant director (director in training), Greg Downing
  • Our activities directors: Kendall and Kim Lowe
  • Our counselors (Wow! What great team!!)
  • Bus drivers like Steve Mezzapelle
  • Our kitchen workers
  • Our Canteen and Laundry people
  • Our Nurses
  • Our Bible class teachers
  • Our merit badge people
  • The churches and individuals who provided so many camperships
  • The people who came up and offered maintenance help from time to time
  • The many (especially the ladies from the ladies’ retreat) who provided lots of sports equipment, office supplies, kitchen things, and much more through donations.
  • And our hard working board of directors who did tons of stuff behind the scenes

To all of you, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” If I could do a “Gander Brook” (aka, dexterity check) in writing, you’d deserve a perfect one. Plus a “*Clap* — yeah Gander Brookers!”

Park Linscomb
President of the board